Depotmaxx Depot Software

Offer your customers the maximum comfort with our ski depot system

From your point of sales all the way to cabinet locks

Our mantra is quite clear: even simpler, even faster, even better. Following the first project in Fügen in 2017, we made a conscious decision to use Depotmaxx for the subsequent projects in Kaprun and Viehhofen.

Christoph Bründl

Bründl Sports

The complete solution for your ski depot

Where to go with skis and boots or the snowboard after a long day on the slopes? The best idea is to take it all to the depot and leave in street shoes!


We work closely with several depot locker manufacturers to offer you a complete depot solution - from the point of sale to the locker lock.

We can deliver a system tailored to your requirements from a wide range of hardware and software components.


The equipment of your guests is safely stored and locked away. Boots, gloves and helmets are optionally dried and disinfected overnight. Access to the depot storeroom and to each individual depot area is controlled contact-free using an RFID chip that is integrated into the ski passes and hotel key cards.


Our depot solution has been used in Paroli StricknerReichmann & Sohn and THALER for years.


Neue Rosskopf | Sterzing
Intersport Stubaier Gletscher | Neustift
Sport Bründl | Kaprun
Skiverleih Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sport Ruetz | Westendorf
Sport Stock | Kaltenbach
Sport Stock | Kaltenbach
Neue Skischule Oberstdorf | Söllereck
Mountain Resort | Calfosch
Intersport Stubaier Gletscher | Neustift


Rental and management of the depot areas are handled by the depot module of Rentmaxx - the software solution for your sports equipment rental.


All depot components can be configured and monitored from any device. Master cards for access to the depot areas by your staff can be assigned and schedules for drying and disinfection can be created. A special cleaning function makes the work of your cleaning staff easier. Only those depot areas that are not currently rented out are opened.


Your guests can view information on their rented depot areas using the large touch screens and open the door of their depot locker directly. Depotmaxx is compatible with all common ski passes and guest cards.

Depotmaxx Door Control

To control the access doors at your ski depot we offer the Depotmaxx Door Control. With this access control solution, customers and associates can easily open a locked access door with their ski pass. No matter if it is a depot area, group room or a ski instructor area.


You can manage access using the time-controlled authorisation administration. If a card gets lost, simply block it using the control software. Each door opening is logged and can be analysed.


Depotmaxx Door Control can be implemented with nearly all automatic doors and electronic door systems. Reader devices are assembled in robust housing units protected against spraying water and can be either flush or surface-mounted.


A rental of depot spaces using SKIDATA, S|R Software  or Wintersteiger software and the subsequent transfer of data to the Depotmaxx Depot System has been tried and tested many times. You can also easily link existing depot hardware with electronic locking systems by GANTNER Electronic and Metra Inženiring.


To integrate other systems, please contact us for information on the interface specifications and technical implementation.

Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Winter
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Active
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Classic
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Indigo
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Dusk
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Summer
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Season
Depotmaxx Depot Software - Style Pure

Our depot control system has been developed based on standardised industrial components, which we have selected in accordance with our sustainability criteria. The daily drying and disinfection of equipment is run only in those depot places which are rented out. As a result, energy costs are always as low as possible.

Why replace when a technical upgrade is also possible? Existing depot facilities can be easily retrofitted with our depot system. This applies for locker opening, as well as heating and ventilation control. In addition, our open Depotmaxx interface allows for the integration with systems of several locker and lock manufacturers. 

Depotmaxx Remote

Remote is designed to be in perfect sync with Depotmaxx. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can conveniently manage your ski depot.


•  Manage Depotmaxx anywhere in your ski depot and rental shop

•  Unlock specific locker doors

•  Conduct cleaning unlocking

•  Conduct service unlocking

•  Unlock automatic access doors to the depot area

•  System functions for Depotmaxx client restart and shutdown