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"At rentmaxx, we above all value versa­tility. For the moment, there is no other system that meets our require­ments in the area of ski and snow­board rentals just as well."


Reto Poltéra, member of the manage­ment board, Weisse Arena Group, Sports and Recreation sector

digiCOM rentmaxx

Designed, developed and made in Germany

Suppor­ting your business with sector-specific soft­ware solutions has become indis­pen­sable in any field of work today. For over twenty years, we have been in­volved with topics surroun­ding the imple­men­tation of software solutions in the ski hire sector. In all of our develop­ment acti­vities, we focus on the principle of depic­ting all the processes of sports equip­ment rental in our soft­ware in an easy, clear and quick manner, while considering relia­bility and security issues.

The core of our solution is the digiCOM rentmaxx ski rental software. As necessary, it offers extensive functio­nality to main­tain customers, book reser­vations, rent out and ex­change items, as well as return them. Rental equip­ment of other mem­bers of a family or group can be easily collec­ted into a single receipt docu­ment. An intui­tive and acces­sible setup, com­bined with fully flexible pricing options, allows for optimal task ma­nage­ment and con­stant control of all rental trans­actions.

One solution

Many application possibilities

  • as single-user, multi-user or branch system solution,
  • for 100, 1000, 5000 and more rental items,
  • in all areas of rental, service, sales and depot.

One solution

Many application possibilities

  • as single-user, multi-user or branch system solution,
  • for 100, 1000, 5000 and more rental items,
  • in all areas of rental, service, sales and depot.

Service, sales and depot

Adaptable as needed

For your ski work­shop, our service module helps you receive and manage cus­tomer articles, print service labels, ensure that dead­lines are met and finally manage the pick-up process.

Sales of sports items and ac­ces­sories in your shop can be pro­cessed with our in­ven­tory manage­ment module, inclu­ding price marking and in­ventory control.

Our depot module offers com­prehen­sive possi­bili­ties for the allocation of depot places and their manage­ment or for the application of keycard solutions and works together with the depotmaxx depot system.

You can also easily link existing depot hard­ware with elec­tronic locking systems by GANTNER Electronic, Häfele and Metra Inženiring.

Re­serva­tion and booking

Quickly recorded, easily pro­cessed

What re­quire­ments do your cus­tomers have for ski hire today? They require up-to-date and per­fect­ly pre­pared rental equip­ment, quick and un­com­pli­cated pro­ces­sing on site and the pos­sibili­ty to orga­nise every­thing in advance.
digiCOM rentmaxx per­fect­ly meets these re­quire­ments. Tele­phone in­quiries or booking through digiCOM rentmaxx online booking can be there­fore pro­cessed easily and reliably. You can pro­vide your cus­tomers with in­for­mation on the availa­bility of any article at any time or process a reser­vation imme­dia­tely in the sys­tem.

In addi­tion, im­port inter­faces for SPORT 2000 rent, SKISET and INTERSPORT Rent, ALPINRESORTS, SNOWELL and Waldhart Software online booking systems are avail­able. Any data sub­mitted auto­mati­cally by these sys­tems is pro­cessed and used the same way as data from digiCOM rentmaxx online booking. That way, bookings made at several different online shops can be easily pro­cessed thanks to a uni­form work­flow.


Efficient and space-saving working

The imple­men­ta­tion of radio con­trolled bar­code scan­ners has made a signi­ficant contri­bution to the great success of digiCOM rentmaxx. These devices feature an inte­grated dis­play to show customer and product data. Working with a wire­less net­work, you can carry out a num­ber of activi­ties done regard­less of where you are within your premises and with mini­mal space required.

With the terminal scanners, you can register or ex­change rental equip­ment direct­ly at the counter where the bin­ding set­tings are made, without the need to use additio­nal hard­ware or soft­ware. Calcu­lation of bin­ding ad­just­ment values in accor­dance with stan­dards such as ISO 11088 and ISO 13993 is inte­grated into the pro­cess.

Upon the return of equip­ment, any out­standing pay­ments are checked imme­dia­tely when these are scanned. If this is the case, a clear message will appear on the display. If no further pay­ment is required from the customer, the rental trans­action is comple­ted auto­mati­cally.

ISO 13993 rental standard

Inspection of skis and ski boots

digiCOM rentmaxx is a relia­ble tool for ISO 13993 rental standard com­pliance along with the required docu­menta­tion. Results of pre-season and in-season in­spections are regis­tered in the data­base for the cor­res­pon­ding equip­ment. Any deter­mined cor­rection factors for a bin­ding compo­nent will be taken into account during ad­just­ment calcu­lation in accor­dance with ISO 11088 and will be indi­cated by the system when the item is rented out.

The trans­fer of measure­ment results to our ski rental software is done auto­mati­cally during the audit. Inter­faces to bin­ding inspec­tion devices by Montana Sport International, Wintersteiger and Reichmann & Sohn are inte­grated for this pur­pose.

rentmaxx Z-Value

For smartphone and tablet

Calcu­late the initial set­ting value (Z-Value, DIN setting) for a ski bin­ding using the weight method (ISO 11088). Body height ranges can be input in centi­metres or feet. Body weight ranges can be input in kilo­grams, pounds, or stones.

After the cal­cu­lation a cus­tomer receipt with the captured skier values and the appro­priate Z-Value can be sent di­­rect­ly to any in­­stalled prin­ter. Cus­­tomer names and addres­ses can also be provi­ded.


The calcu­lated Z-Value (DIN Setting) is only an ini­tial set­ting value for the bin­ding ad­just­ment. The correct set­ting of ski bin­dings can only guaran­teed with proper testing using a bin­ding in­spec­tion device.




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